The Living Areas

You may choose to spend your days in our recently-built country villa or in the old, refurbished sicilian country house with its stone walls. There is a choice of five rooms and you are free to select one which best suits your personal taste in accordance with their colour, fragrance, and your favourite fruit.

In the villa of two storeys there is a terrace with sweeping views of the surrounding area and turret solarium – from where you can admire the winding hills sprinkled here and there with farmhouses and their crops until your gaze rests upon the sea in the distance. Here in the villa you will find the olive and almond rooms, each with its private bathroom, internet access, a reading room with the writings of many Sicilian authors as well as volumes in French, English, German and Spanish. You will find a room with a wide-ranging dvd and cd selection, so that you may watch a movie or listen to music of your choice. There is of course a kitchen and a veranda where, if you wish, you may enjoy the delights of a Sicilian breakfast.

The veranda overlooks the swimming pool and hammock space – these are ideal places where you can freshen up, sunbathe, unwind, chat or simply meditate. In the stone-walled house you will find the lemon orange and pear rooms: these are apartments each consisting of a bedroom, a living-room with kitchenette and a bathroom. All rooms are equipped with television and air-conditioning. The structure has a parking area for guests.